Your RPG starts here.

A Complete RPG Solution

Inspired by games like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, the RPG Creation Kit contains most of systems and tools you may need to help you bring your game to life.

Embedded Demo

The playable demo is included with the project files, along with every 3D Model, Animation and Sound effect to let you have in hands a real world game example.

Well Documented

Learn to use the RPG Creation Kit with the tutorials and documentation pages carefully written for anyone.


Quest System

The RPG Creation Kit is capable of handling long, complex and branching storylines, along with side quests that can shape and change your world.

Rck AI

The AI is powered by a custom written solution that combines Behaviour Trees with Goals.

You just need to assign the desired behaviour and the NPCs will do what you want them to do. You can switch Behaviours at anytime, allowing you to create complex and dynamic situations.

You can also write your own Behaviours with an easy to use Node-Based Editor.

Creature AI

The Creature AI, which was introduced with the Update 1.1, allows you to quickly setup any animated 3D model to be an AI Entity in the RPG Creation Kit.

Player Controller & Combat System

With the Player Controller & Combat System already there, you can focus on making your game content, battles and story.

Contains over 10 weapons and 4 different weapon types (Swords, GreatSwords, Bow and Crossbow) each with its own animations.

Switchable Third Person Controller

The Update 1.2 brought a switchable Third Person Controller fully integrated and synched with the First Person one.

The First Person was enhanced as well, with proper body shadows reflecting what the player is doing.

Magic System

The update 1.3 of the RPG Creation Kit finally brought the Magic System for both the Player and AI.

The Spells can be used to deal damage, recover stats or alter attributes. It uses the EntityEffects module to give you endless possibilities when creating your spells.

Dialogue System

Tell your stories through the Dialogue System and create your dialogues with an easy to use Node-Based Editor.

Dialogues can branch as you wish and be conditioned by world events and player choices.

World Streaming

Create your worlds as big as you want them to be. The World will be streamed cell by cell as the player walks by.

Create worlds, cities, rooms, dungeons and have them connected within seconds seamlessly or with the use of doors.

With Update 1.4 the Distant Cell Rendering now allows the whole worldspace to be loaded and seen by the player, with LODs of distant objects you can define.

Save System

The RPG Creation Kit includes a fully functional Save System that literally saves and loads everything. Every NPC, every Item in the world, every loot container, every state of every object in the world.

You will not have to manage or account anything at all while making your game content, the save system works by its own, no matter what you add and what you change.

You can even add content to the game and load savegame from a previous version, allowing you to create DLCs and Post-Launch content.

Powerful Editors

Dozens of Custom Editors and Custom Inspectors have been written to ease and speed up your workflow.

You’ll be able to do almost anything the RPG Creation Kit has to offer by just clicking and typing around Editor Windows.

Source Code & Scripting

Get access to the full Source Code, means you can edit absolutely ANYTHING, gamewise or tools-wise.

The Code is well written and well documented.

The RPG Creation Kit also contains a Scripting System that allows you to write scripts that will be executed when certain game-events occurs.

3D Models & Animations

The package also includes hundreds of 3D models as seen in the Demo and dozens of Animations for you to use in your games or for prototyping.

Above And Beyond

And much, much more. For the complete list of features and detailed explanations click on the button below.

The RPG Creation Kit will be regulary updated with new features and updates, some in schedule are: Firearms, Mounts and much more.


See what you can do with the RPG Creation Kit and what you will also get with the package.

The demo, along with everything it contains IS INCLUDED with the RPG Creation Kit.

“This is the Birth of A Beasty Engine.”


Elder Scrolls Maker


“Have you ever written a famous game and then added “Unity” at the end to see if something related would come out? Now, whenever you type “The Elder Scrolls” and “Fallout” along side with “Unity” this has to show up.”


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