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By downloading or using the RPG Creation Kit the user accepts and commits to this license and its terms of use:

The Unity version of the RPG Creation Kit is sold on the Unity’s Asset Store, therefore falls under the Asset Store Terms of Service and EULA.

For more information, refer to this page:

The RPG Creation Kit also uses some resources made from third parties, not made by the RPG Creation Kit’s creator, all of them under the CC0 Public Domain license.

Any third-party resource included with the RPG Creation Kit falls under CC0 Public Domain license and therefore does not require any mention or attribution for you to use in your projects, commercial or not.

In each folder that contains third-party content you will find the related license files.

The package contains some resources from the Unity Standard Assets package and its inclusion and use in the RPG Creation Kit is for demonstration purposes only.

The RPG Creation Kit and its creator does not assume any responsability of any copyright infrangment or law violation (in any state or country) made by any user or in general anyone who utilized the RPG Creation Kit – in any way, shape or form.

The following is a list of Credits for the RPG Creation Kit:

  • Project Leader and Programmer: Mattia Silvestro (silvematt)
  • 3D Artist (Characters, Equipment, Architecture and Furniture): Michael Angelo Marquez Ito (Gelo)
  • 3D Artist (Architecture and Furniture): Benjamin E.E.