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Getting Started

Welcome to the RPG Creation Kit (RCK for short). This page is dedicated to give an introduction and links to tutorials and details you should know before using the RPG Creation Kit. This documentation is written in a way that even novice Unity's users can learn and use the RCK, but it is not a Unity tutorial - so if you're completly new to Unity, you should learn to use it first.

Who should use the RPG Creation Kit

The RPG Creation Kit has been written in a way where everyone can learn and use it to create RPG games. It is required a base knowledge of Unity, its interface and base workflow.

An important thing to know is that making games is an hard process, and making RPG games is even harder - the RPG Creation Kit simplifies a lot the process, but it obviously requires its time to learn it and most importantly the will to do it. So before being able to fly across editor windows and building your RPG game, you need to take your time and walk through those documentation pages. If you're not willing to do it, or expect to download it, import it, import few 3d models and have an RPG running in 30 minutes, this package is not for you.

To close this chapter, if you're a 3D Artist, a programmer, a quest designer or just someone who's passionate enough to commit to the objective and you're willing to learn, you can learn to use the RPG Creation Kit and make your RPG game.

Help & Support

You can join the Discord Server to ask questions and get help from the developer and the community.

The Discord server is also used to give suggestions and vote polls, make sure to enter and stay tuned for the latest news!

Learning the RPG Creation Kit

This Documentation will teach you how to use all the tools and systems that comes with the package. You should follow the tutorials and guides, replicate and sperimentate with things as you discover them. You should not attempt to make your RPG game without following the tutorial and guides first.

The articles will teach you on how to add, replace, change and morph content, make sure to take the time to read and replicate them. You should also sperimentate with the things that are already there, made for you. After you'll gain the knowledge needed to start putting together your game, with different content, 3d models, animations and so on and so forth.

The learning process is delivered by deep-dive walktroughs in the Demo's quests, guides on how to create new things and pages that explains the tools inside out. Before start creating your game, we are going to analyze the demo and create new content for it.

Before going forward, you should have played the Demo, both questlines (The King and The Red Shade) and secondary quests, as they will be the main source and subject of learning. If you didn't, do it now and come back later.

Getting Started

You should read and follow those pages chronologically, I highly recommend to follow hyperlinks wherever you find them.

After you've finished those tutorials, you should have a proper overview of the RPG Creation Kit and with a proper integration of other articles, you'll be able to start developing your RPG.

Further help

If you have a specific problem that isn't listed here, try to use the "Search" fuction in the website. If still nothing comes out, join the Discord server and get further help. If you think a specific section or problem should be listed here, please report it, I'd like to create a new documentation page about it.

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